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Below is the complete changelog for ELA since I took over Jonas great work.

So go get the latest of what’s described here on ELA home page.

The cache directory chas changed: it is now part of the package and therefore one more step may be required in the process of installing ELA. The cache files are now located in the /cache/ directory in the /plugins/af-extended-live-archive/ directory. One may need to set the permission of this cache directory to 777 (writeable by user on the server) in order to make the whole thing work.

06/21 – 0.10beta-r18 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r17.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r18.
  • Fixed: a button link in the admin page got broken. Should be fixed now.
  • Fixed: a typo that prevents the cache from loading : should be fixed as well

06/19 – 0.10beta-r17 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r16.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r17.
  • Fixed: a bug in the javascript which was ot setting explicitly this asynchronous character of an AJAX request
  • Fixed: the way the javascript caching was handle : should save some bandwidth !
  • Fixed: the cache dirrectory is now part of the package instead of being created by the PHP script. This should help solve some of the trouble associated to permissions
  • Modified: Played again with the javascript itself to reduce its size, hence reducing the host load.

02/22 – 0.10beta-r16 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r15.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r16.
  • Fixed: a minor bug that prevented the cutting length for categories to be saved
  • Modified: Changed the way the javascript is loaded. It should not load just on any page anymore but only on the one the PHP call is done hence reducing host load
  • Modified: Somewhat optimized the javascript itself to reduce its size, hence reducing the host load.

02/09 – 0.10beta-r15 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r14.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r15.
  • Fixed: should now be working in Opera 8.5 and later
  • Fixed: a couple of inconsistancies here and there

01/13 – 0.10beta-r14 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r12.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r14 (r13, Friday 13th… You’re kidding me, right).
  • Fixed: the 448 and 589 PHP error on deletion and edition of post is fixed.
  • Fixed: the javascript is served as, well, a javascript, that is really, for sure and all now.
  • Fixed: no more XHTML1.1 strict validation issue

01/01 – 0.10beta-r12 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r11.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r12.
  • Fixed: some javascript checks were missing resulting in the loading element to show up forever when one was clicking a second time on the same link.
  • Fixed: PHP compatibility issue – passing variable per-reference is flag as deprecated on the latest 4.x and 5.x PHP version. Some warning were thrown resulting is a bad AJAX transmission and no ELA appearing. This should be fixed (tested on 5.0.5 and 4.3.something)
  • Changed: Default options is back to including the use of the default CSS to since K2r153 is correctly providing a ela.css file

12/28 – 0.10beta-r11 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r10.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r11.
  • Fixed: yet another Ecto/XMLRPC problem fixed
  • Fixed: deleting a post should no longer report an error on WP Install not using UTW
  • Fixed: javascript of option page was all messed up : it’s not anymore
  • Changed: Default options do not include the use of the default CSS anymore to prevent some ugly results in K2r133
  • Changed: Added a af-extended-live-archive-include.php file for dev purposes

12/13 – 0.10beta-r10 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r8.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r10.
  • Fixed: the underscore and dash to space conversion in the tags cloud is now done properly
  • Added: An option to display all the tag, the X most-used ones, or those with at least X posts
  • Added: Yet another surprise, just for Michael for now, but soon for all K2 users.
  • Added: The default style option is now first looking in the current theme directory for a ela.css stylesheet. If found it links it. If not, it link the default one.
  • Fixed: the so-called Ecto bug should now be fixed !

12/06 – 0.10beta-r9 : Private release.

11/29 – 0.10beta-r8 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r7.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r8.
  • Added: An option to display month in their abbreviated three letters version (i18n friendly, or at least I hope)
  • Added: A surprise, just for Michael, you jalous guys… Since this is most probably going to change, I am not going to say more for now.
  • Fixed: A couple of minor corner-case bugs

11/29 – 0.10beta-r7 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r6.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r7.
  • Fixed: A frucking regression bug that prevented categories to work properly on some installation of Wordpress. Sorry about that

11/29- 0.10beta-r6 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r5.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r6.
  • Added: One can now display the posts list in a paged layout (Credit for the idea to Michael). A Previous and Next button are shown. They become active when needed. One can set what is displayed in those buttons, and the number of posts to be displayed per page.
  • Removed: Backward compatibility with parameters passed to the function call as it was implemented in the 0.9.x version of the plugin disapeared.
  • Removed: The option to limit the number of posts, for instance per category, disappeared (somewhat replaced by the paged posts new feature).
  • Fixed: A shit load of bugs (most of which were reported on the support forum), including some trouble with subdomain, the display of date not working, some server config specific issues…

10/13 – 0.10beta-r5 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r4.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r5.
  • Fixed: the Could not open cache file ‘cat-0.dat’. due to the category the WP installation folder not being the root directory (which, btw, is NOT recommended.)
  • Fixed: couple of minor corner-case bugs.

10/11 – 0.10beta-r4 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r3.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r4.
  • Fixed: the Could not open cache file ‘cat-1.dat’. due to the category #1 being empty should be solved

10/09 – 0.10beta-r3 : Changelog since 0.10beta-r2.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r3.
  • Fixed: quick and dirty fix of the mess IE was doing when displaying UTW tag cloud…

10/09 – 0.10beta-r2 : Changelog since 0.10beta1.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta-r2.
  • Modified: almost everything… SQL requests should be down quite a bit. Code has been almost enterely rewritten for better flexibility and easyness of expansion
  • Modified: zipped package structure is now compatible with uploading thru wput and unzipping as is
  • Modified: Michael’s K2 integration
  • Added: support for Christine’s UTW
  • Added: some advanced options, such as order of the menu, UTW related stuff, default CSS stylesheet…
  • Added: version checking (inspired by the K2option panel. Credits to Michael and Chris)
  • Fixed: a hell of a lot of bugs again…

09/24 – 0.10beta1 : Changelog since 0.9.4.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.10beta1.
  • Fixed: no more categories double listed (Thanks to Michael).
  • Fixed: SQL requests divided by nearly 2 = more responsiveness and less trouble
  • Added: Michael’s K2 integration
  • Added: support for Matt’s Asides
  • Added: full featured option page in the admin page for no headache on setting the stuff up
  • Added: data fetching indication
  • Fixed: a hell of a lot of bugs…

09/11 – 0.9.4 : Changelog since 0.9.3.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9.4.
  • Fixed (at least I hope so): this nasty recurring bug about latest posts not showing up should be, if not fixed, at least, not happenning that often.
  • Fixed: future posts dated in not current year resulted in file not found error message. This should be fixed.
  • Fixed: day_format wasn’t working properly in the category tab : this should be fixed.

07/24 – 0.9.3 : Changelog since 0.9.2.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9.3.
  • Added: Some corrupted databases may return junk stuff that result in a WordPress warning upon creation of the cache and blank lines in the categories list. Error Handling logic have been added and to avoid both.

07/20 – 0.9.2 : Changelog since 0.9.1.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9.2.
  • Fixed: nasty little directory removal bug fixed for the Empty Cache button.

07/20 – 0.9.1 : Changelog since 0.9.0.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9.1.
  • Modified: Some code cleanup, to try to improve readability (I wrote try, except nothing fancy).
  • Fixed: Javascript got messed up of the ID of the layer to fill because of leading space in the HTML data return by the server. Not exactly sure where those space are coming from but should be fixed now (Dr. ZAx’s bug).
  • Fixed: Template CSS : padding for menu tabs was not set to 0 and f*cking IE didn’t like it.
  • Fixed: Empty cache button in the admin panel was return PHP warnings and errors sometimes : those are now handle and should not appear anymore.
  • Fixed: Now relies on GMT post date to determine if a post is in the future : should avoid issues like most recent posts not showing up (tinyau’s bug).
  • Fixed: When you categories SQL table is messed up somehow, a “Could not open cat-0.dat” was showing up wrongly. This should be fixed. (The General’s and Bilal’s bug).

07/17 – 0.9.0 : Changelog since 0.9-beta2.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9.0.
  • Modified: Some code cleanup, to try to improve readability (I wrote try, except nothing fancy).
  • Added: Children categories can now be differenciated.
  • Added: Number of posts to display by category is now limitable.
  • Fixed: Categories are now showing in the right WordPress-ized order.
  • Fixed: Template CSS : list bullet do not appears anymore.

07/12 – 0.9-beta2 : Changelog since 0.9-beta1.

  • Modified: Version Number to 0.9-beta2.
  • Modified: Some code cleanup, to try to improve readability (I wrote try, except nothing fancy).
  • Fixed: Uncorrectly reported name in the admin plugin menu changed from alpha to beta.
  • Fixed: Month name array defaulted to English. I18n compliant.
  • Fixed: Posts posted in the future are not showing up nor counted anymore.
  • Fixed: Month or Year or Category without any post are not showing up anymore.
  • Fixed: Posts under a given category now appear in anti-chronological order.
  • Fixed: Template CSS hover styling now works properly.

07/11 – 0.9-beta1 : Original Public Release.