Where it came from…

Some time ago, Jonas Rabbe released his wonderful Super Archives Plugin. Based on an idea discussed on Binary Bonsai, this plugin implements a dynamic, AJAXified way of digging into the archives of a blog.

I got to say I loved it. But down the road, being the annoying-never-satisfied guy I am, I got frustrated the plugin only allow that much of ordering. Eventually I wanted a way of applying the same scheme to categories instead of year/month.

Where it is now…

After a first spin, tagged 0.9.x, Extended Live Archive is now in its second life. Here we are again with a brand new package for the 0.10 series.

And if you enjoy the Extended Live Archive plugin in any way, feel free to…

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The cache directory has changed: it is now part of the package and therefore one more step may be required in the process of installing ELA. The cache files are now located in the /cache/ directory in the /plugins/af-extended-live-archive/ directory. One may need to set the permission of this cache directory to 777 (writeable by user on the server) in order to make the whole thing work.

Do not download and use ELA unless you understand what a beta version is.
Make sure you visit the Official ELA Support Forum.

If you prefer to stick to the old way of caching, help youself :

For a demonstration, head over to my archives page.

For an install guide, head over to 24FightingChicken’s page.

If for some reason, you need it, you may want to have a look at the older and unsupported version 0.9.4 of Extended Live Archive.

Where it will be soon…

The tradition bug slashing is going to have to be done. So if you find any weirdness, or need some help to get things going, head to the Official ELA Support Forum.

On the known issues side, which are on my to-do list:

  1. Categories list and post per category list should be aphabetically orderable. A per category ordering choice would be nice.
  2. For now, static pages are out of the picture : find a way to nicely include them in so that the plugin delivers a complete way of managing archive (so, yes, there will be most probably be a third tab
  3. Option to limit the number of posts displayed for a given category, retrieving the most commented ones.

And, yes, there will be a french version of this page eventually (I swear I’ll do that one day (: ).

Where it has been…

ELA has even a pretty comprehensive changelog, which has now its own page !


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