Van Morrison lied: Mummy never told me there would be days like this…

Today is Tuesday. Well first off, Tuesday is no Sunday. Or Wednesday. Or whatever the fuck of its other 4 brothers. I mean Monday is that dude everyone loves to hate, that scary monster of a back-to-school kids loath, that bitchy annoyance of a back-to-work adults relive every week. On Fridays, the world gets its sorry collective bottom, admittedly more less in shape, out for some, admittedly more or less cool, dancing. Sunday is the beer-by-the-pool day to some.

Nope: Tuesdays just suck. Plain and simple. Tuesdays are the day the mediocrity of the world and of the people one is sharing said world with comes to light.

Oh and read the fucking post already, I am not talking about your everyday mediocrity! Not your corner-of-a-napkin, let’s-fuck-up-a-little one. I am talking about brilliant, pugnacious, pathetically sickening, wonderfully organized mediocrity.

I hear you know, going “so what the fuck is that wonderfully whatever mediocrity he is talking about”. Well, “who cares, you moron”, I reply to you, beloved reader. I might be talking about that guy who thought it would be smart to stop in the center lane of the freeway to, hold on to your socks, read a map, or I might be talking of the 2 millions of Unionized French people who thought this Tuesday would be a good day to fuck up the other 60 millions’ one. In the end it does not matter. What does is that got me pissed enough to break a 30-month silence on those pages.

Here the world sucks but I vented…


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