Number One…

Just like this one fucked up writer said one day, I probably won’t go down in history, but I will go down on your sister.

And ladies, while I am down there, it would be nice, once in a while, to see a hint of pubis. I am not necessarily asking for a bush modeled on some 70’s issue of playboy magazine, but just for something that clearly reminds me, from time to time, that I am performing cunnilingus on an adult.

Which brings us to the real question. Why in hell is the Golden State, this self proclaimed symbol of modernism and openmindness, so fucking bent on destroying its female population through the removal of some and the addition of other parts of their anatomy. I may not have clearly laid down on paper the answer to that question, but I gotta say this is a question I would love to get an answer to by the time I am too old to actually being able to complain about it…

And truth be told, I got the feeling that, apart from those 20-year-old jackasses who still believe the biggest one’s car the more interesting the girl one’s get, I am speaking the words of many in writing down my surprised disbelief in the fact that some in this world actually even entertain the idea of being aroused by what used to be just some kind of polymerized plastic blob…


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